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Phone Cord Connector


04328 Phone Cord Connector

SKU: 04328

Every maintenance closet should have this modular jack cord coupler on hand. Moving offices, changing furniture often requires telephone moves and this in-line coupler allows you to extend phone lines by connecting two modular jacks for added flexibility. Step-by-step easy to follow instructions and illustrations are included for worry free installation of this phone cord connector. Make sure office projects, furniture moves and productivity in your office is not held up by keeping this telephone wire connector on hand so your staff gets back to work and on the phones fast.

  • Modular Cord coupler allows two modular phone line cords to connect at a central point, increasing line length, allowing flexibility in telephone placement on your desktop.
  • Combine phone extension cords with cord coupler to place the phone base in your desired location.
  • Easy to follow installation instructions and diagrams on product packaging provide worry free assembly.
  • Keep several of these in-line couplers in your maintenance supply so office moves and desk rearrangements are not hampered by lack of phone supplies.
  • Full Product Dimensions: 1.00" x 0.75" x 2.00"