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21002 Phone Cord Detangler®, Clear/Black

SKU: 21002

Eliminate the frustration of tangled phone cords in your office or home when you add the Cord Detangler™. Designed to fit all phones especially deep recessed jacks, preventing your coil phone cord from becoming a distraction. This unique phone accessory rotates a full 360?, installs without the use of tools and removes easily. Step by step instructions on the back of the packaging make for easy installation.

  • Fits standard handsets and most handsets with deep recessed jacks (up to 5/8" deep) that other phone cord detanglers may not reach.
  • Prevent the frustration of twisted, knotted and tangled coil phone cords.
  • The no-tools-required Cord Detangler rotates 360 degrees to prevent your coil phone cord from tangling.
  • Gold-plated metal contacts prevent loss of sound quality.
  • Full Product Dimensions: 1.00" x 0.75" x 2.00"

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